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CharityTimes Annual Conference - Focus on Pensions

Last month CPC founder Gareth Hopkins spoke at the CharityTimes Annual Conference.

Taking part in the afternoon Investment Stream Session on ‘the three key risks facing a charity’s investment portfolio: lack of diversification, inflation and costs’, Gareth spoke from the pensions landscape perspective.

Pensions was a hot topic at the conference, with an large audience in attendance seeking guidance in particular on how long-term pension risks can be managed.

Gareth talked through the next steps for employers dealing with pensions re-enrolment, focusing on the need for employers to keep engaged with the process on an on-going basis. By doing this employers can regularly check in on their pension provider offerings, but also use it as an opportunity to review communications to employees on their pension scheme. With the onset of infographics, social media and more, pension communications to employees does not need to be dull or full or pensions jargon. By making communication clear and user friendly, Charities can really help promote one of their biggest benefits to staff. This was demonstrated by some examples that GJH Pensions has provided for past clients.

Gareth’s talk also urged employers engaging in local authority contracts to review wording in commercial contracts to mitigate any long term pension risks, ensuring your charity is well equipped. If you are a charity and have any concerns with your pension risk, then get in touch with us today. We offer bespoke consultancy or by joining our Charities Pensions Club you have access to peers in your sector to discuss and share advice on third sector pension concerns.
If you are looking for a speaker on pensions in the third sector, then get in touch.
Gareth, Director at GJH Pensions, is an experienced pensions professional with expertise in both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution schemes. He has worked across a wide spectrum of pension positions including in-house, consultancy and advisory roles. He is also founder of the Charities Pensions Club - a networking group for peers in the third sector to discuss the latest topics, and share competitive intelligence. His experience working within an organisation means he recognises the need to offer pragmatic advice - not pensions jargon. This company-wide philosophy has made GJH Pensions the go-to boutique consultancy for employers. Their philosophy is around offering advice that is both practical and affordable, during a time of increased need for pensions support. Gareth has quickly emerged as the go-to professional for pension developments - his industry expertise is often cited in the media, and many publications have showcased his articles.

GJH Pensions and the Charities Pensions Club tweet @GJHpensions

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