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Pensions and Employee Wellbeing

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Earlier this year, Specialist Pay and Reward Consultancy Reward Connected undertook a large market review of current wellbeing and benefits in the UK marketplace. The majority of the responses (78%) were from the charity sector.

The survey was split into several different sections; financial, work/life balance, personal development, office environment, company culture, and health.

As part of the financial wellbeing and benefits section, the survey asked participants not only about the level of employer pension contributions but what other activities they were doing to help promote and enhance employees' retirement planning.

The survey showed that over half of the respondents offered pensions advice to its employees through workshops, inviting experts in to discuss retirement planning or dedicated wellbeing events that focused on financial matters. It is clear that today continued communication to employees of their pension is becoming the norm for most companies and not just something covered in the welcome pack.

We all know that getting staff excited (or at least interested) in their pensions is difficult. As charity pension managers, it is vital to keep in the loop with your HR departments on communicating pension news, updates or events. Keep pensions at the forefront of financial wellbeing.

"Our survey, and then subsequent launch event with the participants, really highlighted the importance of communicating benefits and even more so consistent communication. If you are offering your staff a benefit, make sure they know about it"


Michelle Buckley, Reward Connected

If you are stuck with ideas on how to communicate and engage with staff on their pension, check out our handy infographic with lots of tips and ideas.

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*Reward Connected Wellbeing and Benefits Market Review Survey Report 2017.
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