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New Financial Planning Partner - Quilter Private Client Advisers

The Charities Pensions Club is thrilled to announce our partnership with Quilter Private Client Advisers who will be our exclusive financial planning partners.

Our members have shown an appetite for providing employees with financial advice, as part of their wider communications strategy, and Quilter Private Client Advisers has offered to support CPC members with their employee financial planning.

They can do this by attending your office for one-to-one meetings, to explore how they can help you. The initial meeting is free of charge, but any subsequent meetings or advice will be paid for by the employee.

Quilter Private Client Advisers has regional offices across the UK, so are able to offer their support to your employees across the whole country.

Areas of advice include:

  • review of existing pension plans to ensure that employees are on track to draw the required income at retirement;
  • assistance in saving/budgeting for life events (i.e. school fees, weddings and annual holidays);
  • ensure that employees utilise their tax free allowances;
  • provide a financial safety net to families if the main bread winner were to become critically ill;
  • offer a mortgage review service to ensure that an existing loan is competitive - or to find a mortgage for new home owners;
  • mitigate inheritance tax to safeguard wealth passed down through generations.

Following the initial meeting, should an employee require subsequent advice then Quilter Private Client Advisers will agree a suitable fee with the individual.

If you wish to take advantage of this Charities Pensions Club benefit, and easily help your employees solve any financial worries they may have in a personal, bespoke way, then do get in touch with me here at the CPC.

Email me now at or call on 07446 148 537

Many thanks


Charities Pensions Club Founder

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