• Why Join?



    Pension provision is a minefield area for charities, with complex legal requirements and significant cost considerations. Economic pressure has made it difficult for the third sector to access affordable pension consultancy, and keep pace with the ever-shifting industry trends. The Charities Pensions Club is your one-stop-shop to ensure that your charity is ahead of the curve, and offers fit for purpose pension provision.



    Charities are always under scrutiny as to how they spend donor money. Although support services are essential to a successful charity, it is important to ensure such expenditure is moderate. The Charities Pensions Club is a respectable halfway house, and will allow you to soundboard ideas, and understand industry trends – thus being able to bypass consultancy for quick intel.



    Other attempts to form a similar club have failed – largely because of the consultant-centric structure of such groups. Your charity is central to everything we do, and we ensure that content is bespoke to your requirements – and not an excuse for advisers to compete for your business. You are at the centre of everything we do.

    The CPC puts charities first, with members suggesting agenda items, tailoring it to their needs – consultants are not able to join the CPC.

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