How Engaged Are Your Employees With Their Pension? 
The Charities Pensions Club is gathering benchmarking data on Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme member engagement within the charity/not-for-profit sector. 
At a recent Charities Pensions Club meeting, one of our members raised a concern that the DC scheme benchmarking data their pension scheme provider shared with them was generic market data only.  
What they really wanted to see and compare against is charity/not-for-profit market data.  
Other members in the group agreed and noted the same issue.  
We have therefore put together a survey for charities and not-for-profits to gather this data so they can see how they compare to their own sector.  
This short survey is FREE for any charity or not-for-profit to take part in and should take you no longer than 20 mins to complete. All data will be aggregated and anonymised. 
Click on the link below to start the survey. 
The deadline to complete the survey is 1 May 2024. 
Results will be shared at the next CPC meeting (8 May) and a report will be circulated to all participants by the end of May 2024. 
We are asking for data on DC scheme members covering the list below. If you do not have data for any of the questions below, still do participate and just answer n/a in those areas.  
% that have registered for an online account 
% that have been active online in the last 12 months 
If you have a mobile app, % that use it 
% that have a nominated beneficiary 
% of opt outs of DC scheme 
% that are contributing above the minimum 
% that have changed their retirement age 
% that are in the default fund 
Given the importance of pensions, by gathering this data you can see how you align against your market. This can help demonstrate to Trustees, HR and senior management how effective your pension communications strategy and engagment is. And if you need help, then take a look at our next event on 8 May where we will have a case study from the Wellcome Trust on their pension engagement strategy and a roundtable discussion among members sharing ideas. Non-members can join a CPC meeting for FREE to see how it works,  
For more information about Charities Pensions Club, please contact 
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